Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breed Split, Purebred Dogs, & Selective Breeding

This post is designed to start a conversation between Akita lovers or just Dog Enthusiasts, regarding a few different topics (all related, though).  If you've been reading up on my "Akita Info" page, on my website, you may have something to add, here.  I welcome any interesting ideas, comments, questions, etc on all of these topics.  With my background in Anthropology, all of this just fascinates me, and I can't stop writing about it!  :-)  Lets use this as a starting block to some really good conversations about Akitas and dogs in general - their development over time, changes, the organization of breed and dog clubs worldwide, dog showing, the origin of purebred dogs, etc.

Feel free to add anything you'd like - this should be interesting!

Happy Blogging!

If you haven't already read some of the stuff on my "Akita Info" page, I encourage you to take a look, by clicking here:  (scroll down until you see the BREED SPLIT article - the topics expand from there)...

Arctic Akitas


  1. Very interesting topic! I haven't really done too much research on Akitas, but I must say that I prefer the American-style Akita. I understand that the Japanese-style is older though, and probably a lot more pure. Perhaps crossing them would be a good option, but personally if I was ever in a situation to do that, I wouldn't because I would want for any puppy that I bred to be registered with the AKC. Just my own personal opinion though!

  2. Yes, there are some hoops to jump thru but it IS POSSIBLE to do this - some very successful Akita breeders are doing this right now. We'll see what happens in the future for Arctic Akitas - we hope to mix the two and start producing some IDEAL Akitas that way!

    Thanks for the comment, I'm interested to hear what other people think.


  3. OH MY!! I love, love, love my Akita she has so many sweet nicknames her current one year old name is Pa-teta because she is smaller than our last Akita. In all fairness tho Taffy was and American. and our current little girl is half Japanese and American. She definitely is goofy especially when I come home from work. She grabs my mitten off my hand and runs crazy with it throwing up in the air and running in circles. she never chews up and after I sit down she brings it to me or just leaves it on the floor and gets her loving affection from me.

    1. Yes Akitas can certainly be goofy and mouthy. Funny, the other day, as I was feeding my dogs outside, one playful young female grabbed the hat off my head and tossed it around till I grabbed it again lol. I had to laugh and play with her! :-)