Monday, March 5, 2012

Akita Training Tips

Here is a blog devoted to the unique task of training your Akita.  Not all traditional methods work on the Akita, and sometimes you've got to get really creative!  Akitas are super smart, but also get bored easily from too much goes on and on.

If you have your own training tips that work for YOU - perhaps they will help someone else in your shoes...

Feel free to share what works for you, or questions you may have, right here on this blog.

It takes a village, people.  Let's work together!

Arctic Akitas
Fairbanks, Alaska

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breed Split, Purebred Dogs, & Selective Breeding

This post is designed to start a conversation between Akita lovers or just Dog Enthusiasts, regarding a few different topics (all related, though).  If you've been reading up on my "Akita Info" page, on my website, you may have something to add, here.  I welcome any interesting ideas, comments, questions, etc on all of these topics.  With my background in Anthropology, all of this just fascinates me, and I can't stop writing about it!  :-)  Lets use this as a starting block to some really good conversations about Akitas and dogs in general - their development over time, changes, the organization of breed and dog clubs worldwide, dog showing, the origin of purebred dogs, etc.

Feel free to add anything you'd like - this should be interesting!

Happy Blogging!

If you haven't already read some of the stuff on my "Akita Info" page, I encourage you to take a look, by clicking here:  (scroll down until you see the BREED SPLIT article - the topics expand from there)...

Arctic Akitas

Friday, February 24, 2012

CeCe in Training - Akita Puppy

Our newest star, CeCe, has begun training.  Right now she has started the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program.  She is doing very well.  Besides being one of the prettiest pups in class, she is catching on fast!  :-)  I had already started her on "stand" and "wait" (training for the show ring) but now she is working on "sit" "down" and "me" (getting her attention and keeping it!!! - very important!)  Great class so far, it is offered by the AK K9 Center in North Pole.  Anyone with a puppy should look into it.  Its a great start to building a good foundation, so that you and your dog can communicate, and live more in harmony, with less stress caused by a dog that doesn't listen to you or doesn't respect you.  Even just for the socialization opportunities (new people and dogs) it is worth the $100 for 6 classes.  Being able to work with your dog under various distractions, and keeping your dogs attention on YOU is just amazing.

So, CeCe really is a STAR now, with her STAR puppy class, and soon to be, in the show ring!  I'm enjoying her so much!  If you're reading this, wishing you had an Akita puppy to call your own, just visit my website, as we have a few litters coming up in the next few months.

Arctic Akitas

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring Breedings

Well, the time has come, here, at Arctic Akitas, and it's a bit earlier than I had thought.  Both Deshka and Nikita have come into season now and matings are in progress.  Will post more when things progress and are confirmed.  Keep checking back to the website

and we will post more there.  Thank you everyone who has sent me pictures of thier new puppies from our last litters.  It is always a pleasure to see those little fur balls grow up and mature.   They are so fun.

I'll be posting more here as things progress.  For now, take care!

Melissa Arctic Akitas